Compose a 500 words essay on Discuss your professional objectives, both long & short term, and indicate how your past experinces have contributed to the definitions of those objectives. why. Needs to be plagiarism free!
I also took a trading course in Kuwait Stock exchange as I am now trading in the Stock Market as a hobby.
Five years working is a live stock market is not an easy job. Faith also led me to becoming a Senior Accountant in Livestock Transport and trading Co. When I left the company and started working in Tandeem Investment Company, where I am still currently connected, I had the privilege of becoming the Senior Settlement Officer. My exposure in the field helped me achieve my goals and objectives. I also believe that these experiences contributed to my objectives and molded me well and taught me well throughout the course of my career. One day, through hard work, dedication and perseverance and with my qualifications I would want to render my services and become a Manager or a Director of the company. I want to share my talent, efficiency and skills in a more critical and challenging role. I would also want to mature professionally and personally to become more independent for me to be an effective leader. These are my long-term career objectives. Furthermore, as a Manager, I want to motivate and lead people also to become better persons and future leaders.