Compose a 500 words essay on Gender, sex ( with using CAUSE AND EFFECT style). Needs to be plagiarism free!
A child will learn from its parents the difference between man and woman, boy and girl and identify the attributes that are associated with each term. In this respect, a childs idea of a man would be different in a household where the male is the breadwinner as opposed to the female, and vice versa. Although these gender categories are highly stereotypical, they form the basis for the childs basic understanding of gender and what it means to be female or male.
Secondly, cultural beliefs play a large part also, with the views of the parents a strong factor. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, a number of people may believe that women were born only in order to serve a men or for giving birth to a child and then to raise him. In the same vein, and to use an extreme example, Eskimo men exploit their wives in order to set up trading associations with other Eskimos. They frequently present their wives sexual services in front of other Eskimo man just to strengthen the hunting or business relationship. In an Eskimo household, imagine how a young girl would see herself after being bared to these ideas over her first 5 years at home. Of course, this is an extreme example but it substantiates the point.

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