Compose a 500 words essay on Opinion about Globalization (GLS101). Needs to be plagiarism free!
Whereas Foxconn had been contracted by Apple as one of the key manufacturing hubs in China, Foxconn has reshaped its business model in the wake of globalization (Yang, 2013). Indeed, Foxconn’s thinking about moving beyond Apple is a classic example of how globalization is taking place in the current world.
Globalization has seen China become a darling for most large manufacturers particularly due to the availability of cheap labour and technological advancement. It therefore does not come by surprise that Apple, an American owned company, decided to outsource its production services to Foxconn. However, globalization has caused significant changes in consumer demands leading to mushrooming of other companies seeking to cash in on emerging market niches. For instance, Apple continually became less significant to Foxconn because of the lost grip on the phone market due to globalization. Considering Apple was responsible for almost half of Foxconn’s revenue (Yang, 2013), any shakeup on Apple would have direct ripple effect on Foxconn as a company.

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