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There are two issues related to the problem that I would like to address. One is the neglect caused to an elderly member of the family on the basis of ageism and the diminishing ‘value’ of a human life based on materialistic concerns. The second issue is the general aversion people show towards a family member who is terminally ill, which leads to a situation where s/he is put in a hospice, at the care of others. Though it may be a good idea at times to entrust aged and terminally ill people to the care of those specialized in such care, I believe the involvement of family members in the whole procedure will improve the prospects of a person retaining a lot of positive energy even as s/he nears the last phase of life. My view on this is related to the immense value a human life has and the need to address the cruelty from others who give up on the life of someone simply because s/he is too old and sick.

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