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Compose a 500 words essay on Talking Styles. Needs to be plagiarism free!
A conversation between two people and the choice of words they use determines what their relationships look like. People who are strangers may not have the same conversation compared to those who are dating. People who are dating have a rather close relationship and this is replicated in their conversation. In this regard, language style matching captures the responses from the two people and gives a verdict based on the respective conversations (Adler, 2014).
&nbsp.Language style matching is an essential tool that only relies on the very conversation. It does not depend on other external entities to have a conclusion. The matching style tool is, therefore, accurate to the point where it is used to analyze the conversations between two people. In essence, the verdict given by the matching tool is very much dependent only on the conversation. While the nature of the conversation is the critical aspect of it, one cannot independently verify the thoughts and meaning behind every conversation. However, to the extent where the language matching style determines the accuracy of two individuals in a conversation, the results are very accurate (McCarthy, 2012).

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