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Without the cause, the effect does not follow. Thus, if the first cause did not exist, neither would the middle and last causes in the sequence. If, however, there were an infinite regression of efficient causes, there would be no first efficient cause and, therefore, no middle causes or final effects, which is obviously not the case. Thus, it is necessary to posit some first efficient cause, which everyone calls “God”. (Aquinas).
Here we can see that Aquinas derives the principle of causality upon which his argument is based from his experience of the world around him. When Aquinas looks at the world, he realizes there is always an order of cause followed by effect, but no event is ever its own cause or something without a cause. He also rules out the explanation that there could be an infinite regress of causes because, when he looks at the world around him, there is always a first cause in the sequence. Therefore, there must be a first cause for the creation of the Universe, and that cause is God.