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Through rigorous experimentation in biology and microbiology courses are taken, I would manage to have to deal with further studies at a much higher level of comprehension and efficiency. In the same manner, studying anatomy and physiology has helped me become more patient and critical of learning structures and functions of living systems. Not only did I get enhanced academically but working with various teammates had encouraged me to share the potentials developed through individual and group efforts alike. Equivalently, the physics subject I took up with the former academe had given our class additional motivation to be analytical while solving the problem that combined math with forces of rigid bodies mechanically. I am confident that these recent undertakings would be very useful in my future endeavors with the program of Pacific University’s School of Pharmacy. I am currently in the process of obtaining my pharmacy technician license and I have already worked as a pharmacist aid for a year and a half. These credentials are crucial I believe in coping with the program of the university especially on meeting the goal of its mission in providing patient-centered medication. Because the previous school had prepared me in almost all aspects particularly intellectual and emotional, I am sure to take good control of my attitude as a student in serious pursuit of continuing pharmaceutical studies. In the University of California, Los Angeles, we were taught how to properly carry out independent research both as individuals and as a team and in this process, I have realized how delicate medical tasks could get based on the way we handled assignments and projects during undergraduate years. I have found out the real value in cooperation among group members.&nbsp.