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The acceptance by the telecommunications industry to converge mobile concept aims at facilitating for the incorporation of voice over WiFi (Fathi, Chakraborty, & Prasad, 2011). Nonetheless, a number of benefits and issues are evident while sending voice over a typical wireless network as depicted by the paper.
There are various benefits associated with sending voice over a wireless network. For instance, the major benefit of sending voice over wireless networks is saving costs. For instance, companies have managed to save billions of dollars by making calls over wireless networks. Furthermore, it is possible to deploy voice communication over a wireless network, creating room for flexible communication. As such, it is true that sending voice over wireless networks plays a vital role in realizing cost savings, particularly because it mobilizes the workforce. Here, they can manage to address the needs of clients in an efficient manner while in the facility being served by the wireless network. Regardless of the benefits affiliated with sending voice over a wireless network, a number of issues prevail, hindering companies from utilizing the full potential sending voice over wireless networks (Geier & Geier, 2010).