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Vending machines in schools also contain unhealthy choices that are high in fat and calories. Though the Grocery Manufacturers of America realizes that food choices affect obesity, they are hesitant to take responsibility. The GMA quickly points out that obesity has many causes. It claims that lack of exercise, heredity and lack of education in healthy food choices are responsible for obesity. “We believe, as do many nutrition experts, that solving the obesity problem is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving the proper energy balance” (Katic, 2004). While this is true, obesity has many causes, it does not change the fact that grocers offer many unhealthy choices with larger portions than in the past. It also argues against removing unhealthy choices from school vending machines. The argument is that students can be educated about healthier choices and will select them if they are given such choices at home. Though the GMA claims that all sectors, such as food manufacturers, grocers, schools and government agencies should do their part to help reduce obesity. For its part, the GMA says it can work toward providing more informative labeling, with suggested serving sizes and dietary recommendations, as well as the current nutritional information. It is unwilling to go beyond changing the labeling, by using methods such as limited access to unhealthy choices and changing what it carries on store shelves.

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