CRATING A BLOG USING WORDPRESSThis project focuses on a demonstration of the knowledge and skills in this course with regard to the process of creating blog that is integrated with multiple social media platforms. This project is a great opportunity to express your unique problem-solving skills, as well as your use of structured logic. it also allows you to be creative and begin to think about visual design. you need to begin to build your blog using wordpress. you also integrate the blog with Facebook and google+ and allow users to share your posts to both Facebook and google+. integration should include the following:
1. Facebook share button2. Facebook like button3. Facebook follow button4. google+ share button5. google+ like button6. google+ follow button7. either a Facebook or google+ timeline feed
and develop your blog and integrate it with LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumbler. integration should include share buttons and follow buttons for each platform and a Twitter stream feed.