Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Discussion week 6.
Oregon Child Welfare has helped many children before and after they get foster parents. This way, the foundation of a child is grounded firmly and their future assured. It ensures child welfare safeguard like Children’s Defense Fund, a non-profit child advocacy organisation that also prepares a level field for juveniles (CDF 1). Children’s Defense Fund crusades for policies and programs that ensure children are protected from neglect and abuse.
The Oregon Child Welfare case report is extremely important given that child abuse has become a major barrier to children’s development. The report bases on sociological theory to deduce that parents are the most influential persons in a child’s life, and this is linked to drug abuse. For example, a drug addicted parents are likely to neglect their children at infancy or toddler stages. This way, the organisation knows the root cause of child abuse cases and they are able to deal with it head-on.