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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Ethical behavior and unethical behavior articles.
The Queen insists that she wasn’t placing publicly funded payment within the charity. She said that fund “would only include her private money.” She further claimed that the lone costs that were covered by the payment were housekeeping costs, together with salaries. Belgium wants to cut the annual stipend of Queen Fabiola after political leaders learned she had put up a private charity to provide for her nephews and nieces and for her preferred Catholic foundations after her demise. Premier Elio Di Rupo had told MPs he sought to cut the sum to €923,000 (£776,000) back from €1.4 million (£1.18m). As the only widow of the late King Baudouin – a dedicated Catholic who in 1990 did step aside provisionally to steer clear of signing the nations abortion bill – insists the cash came from assets inherited from her Hispanic family. The 84-year-old at the moment maintains that she has had to dissolve the charitable vehicle set up in September that let her to forward monies. The surfacing of the plan not many weeks ago aggravated rare fury in both political and media circles in Belgium and has hit the realm to its foundations. The Property Principle and The Citizenship Principle were not respected by the monarch in her dealings with the state.

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