Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Lab work 9.
On the other hand, basophils (those that stain blue) likely to liberate heparin, histamine, and serotonin in allergic reactions that intensify overall inflammatory response (Tortora and Derrickson 743).
1f. Platelets- Function mainly in hemostasis by forming platelet plugs in damaged blood vessels to prevent excessive blood loss. They also release vasoactive chemicals that cause vascular spasm and blood clotting (Tortora and Derrickson 742).
2a. Pericardium- a fibrous tissue that covers the outside of the heart and some parts of the attached major blood vessels. Its main functions include protection, appropriate positioning, and facilitation of heart movement as it provides adequate lubrication necessary to reduce friction as the heart relaxes and contracts (Snell 71).