Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses The Benefits of QuickBooks Online.
The template forms developed for data entry on the quick book platform is imperative for the consistency the approach offers in data entry (Keep it Simple Accounting, 2013). Moreover, functional entities including the state abbreviations, phone numbers and dates have consistent formats. I acknowledge these findings owing to the simplicity it offers to the analysis of data and report generation.
The highly built relational table structure allows propagation of changes throughout the system in case a single entry is altered. The inbuilt functions can be tuned to suit a given scenario. For instance when implementing a new tax policy, changing the tax rate in one entity amounts to a propagated change across the system’s sale records. I guarantee the platform offers more benefits in line with query endeavors. Searching for information is an ease yet quick. It has capabilities to sort, filter and display the specific information as needed and queried by the user. In that respect, multiple reports based on different templates and formats can be viewed or printed (Keep it Simple Accounting, 2013).