Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Wal-Mart Article.
Much of Walmart success in Mexico can be attributed to NAFTA. NAFTA solved the logistics problems that Walmart faced by improving infrastructure. This enabled Walmart to transport the goods and open up more stores across Mexico with much ease than before. The reduced import tariffs also encouraged importation of goods from other countries and this enabled Walmart to reduce the prices of their goods thereby attracting more customers. Walmart success in the region is also a result of Walmart’s high bargaining power, which enables it to obtain goods at a fair deal thus offering its customers much lower prices than other retail stores.
Walmart has been a threat to other retail stores in the region. As Walmart continues to reduce the prices of goods, other retail stores such as Comerci reduced the prices too to combat the completion. Comerci and other retail stores have also filed complain to Mexico’s federal competition commission to curb the unfair pricing. This kind of strategy can only be helpful to Comerci if price control bill is passed.