Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses A New Approach To Medicine.
While these methods have become the foundation of the development in medicine, it is clear that these methods are not entirely efficient in providing medical solutions. In addition, animal right activists have expressed that these methods are against animal rights and that researchers should find out new approaches for testing medicine. This article provides that it would be more reasonable that death row inmates volunteer for human trials and experimental tests. This method would be efficient in terms of accuracy, saving time and resources and in providing animals with their rights to live normal lives.
Animal experimentation is a scientific procedure that has grown slowly but consistently since the evolution of scientific research. The underlying fact is that physiologists in the 17th century saw animal research as a new platform to advance the biological and medical knowledge. This scientific procedure emerged when the scientists identified unique similarity between the toxicology effects of drugs in both humans and animals. Rowan (3) points out that although the degree of the effects varied in the two species, scientists found that these differences were minimal and could not hinder the adoption of this procedure. Their concern was to find a testing method that would provide empirical and statistical evidence without subjecting human beings to any harm. The argument was that the human species have the highest priority when it comes to medical research (Ferdowsian, 472-478). In these days, animal protection laws were not common and researchers did not have any opposition while conducting tests on animals like the situation is today.