Create a 14 page essay paper that discusses Logistics of Humanitarian Aid in Iraq and Afghanistan.
2003, including $1.6 billion worth of oil industry spare parts and equipment.” (Office of the Iraq Programme&nbsp.Oil-for-Food, 2003) “Afghanistan is in the midst of a profound humanitarian crisis resulting primarily from long‐standing armed conflict, a devastating drought, and massive population migration. The economy, government, and health care system are in shambles. Currently, as many as 5 million Afghans are in camps either as refugees in neighbouring countries or as internally displaced persons within Afghanistan. “(Challenges and Opportunities for Humanitarian Relief in Afghanistan, 2002)
Even though both countries have American supported governments now, the reconstructions work and humanitarian aid were marred by so many problems. The relief works were not coordinated well in these countries. The lack of organizing and centralized control over relief work made the things further complicated Looting and burglary is a common issue in both the countries. The humanitarian workers don’t have enough protection to execute their mission. The supply chain of the humanitarian aid