Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Analysis of the poem Acquainted with the Night.
The setting of the poem is in the urban area. obviously it is crowed since it houses a big population, generally more than what the city infrastructure can accommodate. He writes, “I have looked down the saddest city lane.” He is familiar with the geography of the city. the second theme is loneliness. the third theme is the speaker’s sadness. The surroundings and situations make the poet sad. It is to be noted that the poem was written in 1928, when the world economy (especially that of U.S.) was at the threshold the Great Depression (which commenced in 1930) But the year 1928 relates to plenty and prosperity. Why then the poet should be sad? The poets have generally nothing to get elated about the materialistic prosperity. Their domain is spirituality, where such attachments have no relevance. “Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right- I have been one acquainted with the night.” -the poet has perfectly mastered the nature of the dualities of life, and came to the conclusion that everything happens in life, as it should! Time is a great healer, and one can never complain about Time-the nature of its functioning! It is always perfect. it is benevolent, provided an individual has the patience to understand. The wise saying goes, ‘Go placidly amidst the noise and din….everything is happening as it should!’