Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL EDUCATION.
Usage of incentives and rewards for student and teacher motivation, special programmes for backlog students and higher involvement of community and parents are also important for developing positive self concept among the aboriginal students.
Research based school improvement projects like CTF (Creating The Future) developed by Northwest Regional Educational Library, U.S.A have to be implemented for better learning process in aboriginal students in Australia.
The teaching process involves more flexibility while delivering the message to aboriginal students. With the change in time, the necessity of aboriginal students will vary and hence it should allow the education in more flexible manner by incorporating new principles. By adding diversified aspects like student self concept, rural and urban mix up, cultural and social aspects, effective audio-video aids, and student specific needs these strategies would certainly help the teacher of indigenous students to deliver a better job. Similarly, the encouragement given to the teachers in the form of incentives and selection of experienced and native teachers enhance the efficiency of teaching aboriginal students in Australia. Moreover, these strategies will provide a wider platform for teachers of indigenous students in understanding the needs and problems of students and formulating contextual class room teaching methods and hence they will be successful in generating positive educational experience among aboriginal communities in Australia.

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