Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Contemporary Dance.
Perhaps one important fact to note is that visual arts, which were initially part of the musical dance, had been significantly diluted by the 20th century. This was especially so due to the elimination of the painting works that was so common in the duration that the whole meaning of music lost sense. Additionally, the pigmentation aspect in terms of music choreography underwent significant change on the onset of modern music, hence eliminating the significance of color in music choreography.
When it comes to poetry and other literary works, poetry stands in direct contrast with the emotional expressions that the romantics bring about. In a similar manner, the contemporary novels focus more of the facts of the matter rather than going deep into the description of the characters and phenomena involved. This has greatly diluted the many literary and artistic works over the years, thus making them less desirable compared to other areas of creativity. As far as dialogues are concerned, two types of human personality exist, one depicting that human beings react rationally to various situations that come their way. Human beings react according to their beliefs and not the consequences however expensive the consequences might be. On the other hand, some scholars like Susan belief that human beings are both practical and logical meaning that they react in a reasonable and realize manner according to the situations that face them. The truth of the matter is that the vocabulary of the moral feeling is undoubtedly the most influential concept arising out of the belief in the inner self.