Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Cultural group.
eritage, I dream and find piece of mind in my life.The dream is so sweet and if dreams werethe same, then all would see the rich taste of food I have whenever I dream of my culture. I hate what foreigners are trying to do to my culture. They are bent on destroyiong the sweet dreams and good moments that my culture has made me enjoy. Because of culture I have reached out to the outer space and danced to the awesome sounds of our rich music. In addition, my heart has been collected by the rich taste of food that my culture provides. Their taste is like eating in paradise itself. Not to forget is the sacredness by which my culture holds families and issues revolving around it like sex. Each time I am brought forward to my elders or parents to correct my wrong ways, I always feel at the end of the odeal that great justice has been done to me.