Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Folkloristic reflection- occupational.
At the same time we also perform cowboy related activities, we make sure that your cattle herd are well taken care of by cleaning where they sleep, provide them with water and we also make sure that they are well fed. Our final responsibility is environmental cleanliness. We clean the environment and also educate the youth on the same. We realized that the current generation youth do not like taking care of the environment, therefore we took upon ourselves to educate them voluntarily (Thomas 220).
Our core values and skills are respect, teamwork, good organization skills and the ability to learn. Our group has managed to accomplish a great deal because of these skills. Respect has enabled the community to trust us, at the same time we make sure that all the workers respect one another and team work has made us carry out various tasks in a short period of time. The ability to learn because the kind of work we are doing is dynamic and therefore without the willingness to learn we may not accomplish much. While good organizational skills has been emphasized by our group because we deal with a lot of activities and therefore every worker have to make sure that everything is in place.