Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses LOVE DIABETES SUMMARY.
These women had gestational age between 28-34 weeks with no insulin therapy.
Diabetes was diagnosed by oGTTs using the American Diabetes Association Criteria. Results were analysed by assessing the glucose and insulin level. A total of 72 women met the criteria. At baseline, 26 women had normal glucose levels, 8 had impaired fasting, 19 had impaired 2-h glucose and 19 had impaired fasting and 2-h glucose levels based on American Diabetes Association criteria. The results showed that diabetes developed because of high glucose, los insulin sensitivity, low insulin responses and low β-cell compensation for insulin. The study is based on two physiological variables. the level of metabolic deterioration at baseline and the level of metabolic deterioration after pregnancy. The primary reason behind the rise of diabetes was because of the increase in weight, next pregnancy and use of contraception.