Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Soldiers and politics-Special Projects Profile of a Third World Country.
The government is a Sinhalese Buddhist government, sworn to “foster and protect Buddhism”, a responsibility used to justify war against the LTTE and genocide against the Tamil People (Tikhonov, 2010). This war was encouraged and backed by the Buddhist Community, in Sri Lanka, especially by powerful Buddhist monks (Tikhonov, 2010) .The LTTE is a terrorist guerilla organization, whose goal was to protect the Hindu and Christian Tamil Homeland in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka (Tikhonov, 2010).
We think of Buddhism as a peaceful religion. In fact, Buddhist countries throughout history are demonstrably capable of extreme violence. This dichotomy between the teachings of Buddhism and a violent military Buddhist government, sworn to protect those teachings, is the basis of the first irony and inconsistency to mention. The Sri Lankan government desecrated and occupied Hindu temples, and Hindu sacred places throughout the war, and afterward celebrated their military genocide of the Tamils by building Buddhist structures in the defeated Tamil areas, using barbed wire to block access to Tamil places of worship (Thivya, 2011).

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