Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Subsidies that intercollegiate athletic programs.
In surprise, even the most successful programs receive huge amounts of money in the form of subsidies. A certain percentage of the student fees go to the general fund. Such central funds service subsidies to the Intercollegiate Athletic Programs (Killpatrick & Killpatrick, 2009). The small programs depend on student fees for their subsidies, instead of depending on the successful programs. This has led to a general increase in student fees in colleges that has raised concerns.
Yes, athletics departments should be self-supporting. This is because they find access to well-paying television contracts. If there is proper management of the revenue, then the departments need to support themselves. In addition, they receive the ticket proceeds from large stadiums, where they collect the revenue from the sales. If the athletic departments develop a realistic budget, then they could easily have self-support. Some large athletic departments actually generate more revenue than they spend (Padilla & Boucher, 2007). This means that they do not need any additional money to fund their projects. Furthermore, if the athletic departments learn to be independent, then they are more likely to stabilize. This relates to the ability to remain financially stable even in times of economic slowdown. The worst concern is that even during an economic slowdown, some athletic departments do not lower their spending. This means that they have the capacity to become self-supporting and they need to become independent.