Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses The Difficulties with Writing an.
The second problem that I realized affected the quality of my essay is lack of topic sentence in the first paragraph of discussion. I began writing the discussion directly without providing the topic sentence. However, I could have improved the quality of my work by writing a topic sentence that basically would have stated the main idea and indicated the point I wished to make. The correct way to begin the paragraph would have been: There are various ways through, which body strength, muscle mass can be increased. one of the ways involves the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs such as anabolic steroids.
Another problem related that I recognized in my paper is wrong documentation, specifically wrong in-text citation. In my essay, there was no use of commas after the author’s name for instance: (Robinson 14). This should have been correctly written as. (Robinson, 14). In some cases, it can also be written as (Robinson, pg.14).

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