Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Write an in which you describe how and why you helped someone who was in danger, or in which you describe the actions of of someone you know or heard/read about who helped someone in a dangerous or troublesome circumstances. State whether the help w.
Jenifer was driving on a high way and suddenly noted a little girl, may be four years old, running across the road, right in front of her. Each way of the road had four lines and she was driving on the second line from the side of the road from which the child emerged. The child seemed to be alone because no one was even following her or was along the road at the point at which she attempted to cross. May be she had lost her guardian somewhere in the streets and was trying to trace the guardian. The first lane, where the little girl was at the time, appeared safe, from Jenifer’s side mirror. A vehicle was behind her and though it was at a distant, it would take its driver extreme level of caution to avoid a collision had Rachel made an emergency break.

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