Create a 22 page essay paper that discusses Exploiting New Ideas.
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The working environment calls for the human resource department to talk of work in terms of output. The concentration of their workload is always the prime key for survival and going to upper management level or having a merit increase or vying for promotions.
A big part of the big company’s strategy to lessen work loads for a facilitated paper flow is the common centralization strategy. Looking into every inch of centralization is the limitation given to a certain employee to work on a particular project or subject or production phase only. It does not warrant the assumption of skill development through wide exposure of the company’s different departments. Thus, the function of work is limited only to the job on hand. However, there are supervisors who constantly boost the morale of their employees and are very supportive with their endeavors to improve work efficiency. Still, procedures are being followed. In big corporations, work functions and loads are being followed literally. Example if you are in a marketing department, your concern is only with marketing. If there are any matters that relates to product innovations or improvements, it lies still in the department. They tend to wait for other people to look into the matter and give the feedback to quality or product control. The thing is, they really won’t mind whether they get to view some changes. Their main concern is only how to market the product and how to properly draw their strategy to the segmented market.