Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses BHS 328.
Goal setting is the most important component of Personal improvement literature. To be most successful goals that are being set should be realistic, tangible, specific, and have a time target for achievement. There should be sensible plans to attain an intended goal. One drawback of goal setting is that implicit knowledge may be subdued and inhibited. This is due to the fact that goal setting may support simple targets and focus on a result without openness to examination, understanding or expansion. Goals offer a sense of track and principle. Locke et al studied the behavioral effects of goal setting in great depth and concluded that 90% of laboratory and field studies linking explicit and challenging goals resulted in higher performance than simple or no goals. Some managers would believe it is adequate to push the employees to do their best, but in reality it is a very different scenario. A goal is thereby of critical importance because it facilitates an individual in focusing their efforts in a particular direction. Managers can not be regularly able to force motivation and keep trail of an employee’s work on an incessant basis. Goals are hence a very important tool for managers since they have the ability to act as a self-regulatory and self-checking mechanism that acquires an employee a positive quantity of assistance