Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses How WOMEN In Saudi Arabia effect the international market and international business.
A woman’s starting salary to a man’s in a similar position is relatively low and the similar situation applies concerning promotions to prestigious positions (Freedman 9). International market research encompasses several barriers in different regions particularly in the Saudi Arabia where the concept of woman working is a cultural and religious taboo. However, the unfavorable conditions in the Middle East and the North African (MENA) states complicate that involvement of the women in business even further. Saudi Arabia particularly does not allow women and men to work together and the only place that happens is in the hospitals (Alhujelan 67).
Education is paramount for any business interactions and cultural relations. Business customs involves how analysis of different cultures, which interrelates with international marketing. Age maturity is very important when dealing with foreign cultures and business opportunities. This is because international relationships always involve interactions with different persons of varying cultures. Most of these characteristics to deal with international relations mostly result from education, which may be formal or informal. A lot of tolerance, interpersonal skills, flexibly and good communications are paramount to international interactions. These aspects are mostly paramount in matters of management and international coordination. Long are times when women succumbed to pressure due to cultural pressures and religious believes but they are recently going through education. Therefore, women have an equal playing field in terms of job opportunities and capabilities. Equally, women in Saudi Arabia are defying all odds and are engaging in education despite the labor law dictating that women can only work in field that suit their nature (Profanter, Cate, Maestri and Piacentini 33). The increasing number of women joining careers in the country confirms that things are