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Emily Dickenson, throughout her life, sought a personal understanding of God and his place within her life. Her place within the Calvinist Puritan Amherst, however, would not allow for her inquiry into the understanding of the nature of God other than within their specific doctrine. Dickinson’s poetry is a window into her quest for this religious understanding. In her poem There is no Frigate like a Book Dickinson concentrates on nature and its relativity to science. ‘How frugal is the Chariot/ That bears the Human soul’ (Dickinson line 7-8), I think this is an allusion to the Calvinist ideal of seeking God through action. Dickinson felt that the actions of the church that surrounded her were hollow and led one no closer to understanding the true nature of God than she had attained in her poetic questionings. Thus, the Chariot is a symbol of purity in simple form.

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