Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Security is a major problem with the Internet.
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The internet has become so huge that it is now nearly impossible to keep a check on all the activity that goes on in the internet. What are these threats The most common security threats of using the computer are hacking, phishing, viruses, worms, spam, and spyware.
According to Victor Sabadash, Hacking is unauthorized use of computer or network resources. (2004) This includes hacking into other people’s computers and also hacking other people’s passwords. This has become very common nowadays. According to Symantec Software Solutions, new threats have increased from 125243 to 711912 from 2006 to 2007. This is a 468 percent increase in just one year. (Business Standard, 2008) These figures show why this is a major problem with the internet. You can make your computer safe by installing a firewall on to it. A firewall is a program that detects unauthorized users who try to hack into your computer and it stops that activity.