Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Sex, Lies and Conversation Paper.
One of the key differences is that men do not like to face a women while talking in contrast women prefer to face a man while talking either it a serious issue or not. For example, men feel comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings while physically turned away from the person they are talking to since they associated direct eye contact with confrontation. To illustrate this when an individual and a friend are walking or enjoying a ride, one does not have to face one another since one is going to lose concentration on what they are doing and this makes them to be active on what they are doing. On the other hand, women stand directly facing each other to attract the attention of an individual and failure to maintain eye contact associate it with disinterest and rudeness. Women base their argument that if one is not honest, he will not look at someone directly to the eyes which is actually true since when on is being lectured by parent one fells guilty and would not maintain eye contact.