Create a 32 page essay paper that discusses Sergey Prokofiev: Before and After the Revolution.
Through exploring two sets of works, two ballets and two children’s works written one before and one after his return to Russia, the concept of his artistry is explored and the effect of Stalinist Russia discovered as it affected his compositional talent.
Sergei Prokofiev began his career as a composer from a young age under the tutelage of his mother in Snotzovka Russia. His adult career included a period of time in the West in which he developed a reputation in both the United States and in Europe through composing works that were complex and sophisticated, but that could also be understood for their joy and expression from the point of view of a child. However, a great deal of turmoil occurred while Prokofiev was spending time in the West and when he finally returned home permanently to Russia in 1936, political changes had occurred that worked against the artistic community, suppressing their freedoms of expression and making it difficult to navigate the belief systems that were oppressing their work.