Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Awarness-raising and selling Investors in people.
Advertising entails paying to ensure dissemination of information that identifies well a brand, service or product, or an organization that is promoted to massive customer base at one time. As economies grow, advertising become more important, since more consumers or buyers have the income as a result advertising can get positive results. good and efficient advertising results costs money.
Advertising campaigns should have a clear defined objective. Advertisements should grow out of the investor’s overall marketing strategies and the promotion jobs assigned to the advertising agency. Advertising objective must be more precise rather than personal selling objectives. The marketing agencies’ specific objectives and well formulated budget can accomplish the following to investors: assist position the investors’ brand by persuading and informing target customers about its benefits. introduce new products and service to specific target markets. obtain desirable outlets or inform customers where they can acquire or buy a product. avail on-going contacts with targeted customers, in case when salespersons are not available. make way for salespersons by availing the company’s identity and the benefits of its products. obtain immediate buying action. assist in maintaining relationships with the satisfied customers and encouraging more purchases. and building more trust relationships with the client base (Pride and Ferrell, 2010).