Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Businesses are not Behaving Ethically.
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Also, if a company follows ethical practices in its operations it is able to gain customer loyalty. And it is not necessary that to be ethical a company incurs more costs than one that doesn’t. It’s a win-win situation for ethical companies (Rupal).
There may be numerous reasons for businesses to be considered as acting unethically. Actions used to cut down costs, access more resources, raise their profit earnings, or simply to enter into a new market could be taken in an unethical manner. The prime example could be of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has captured the U.S. market for retailers. But in its search for cheaper products to beat out its competition with, it offers its laborers in developing countries with barely subsistence wages due to which laborers put in hundreds of man-hours yet still earn an income which could barely support them (Nassar). Their entrance into foreign markets bring business to that country but the conditions of the people living there do not improve as they are still below their poverty line and there is no rise in their gdp/capita. To provide their consumers with the cheapest products in the market Wal-Mart is abusing its workers and providing them with miserable working conditions.

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