Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Geckos as Pets.
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In making the decision to purchase any kind of pet, whether it be a mammal or reptile, the main considerations are personal lifestyle options, purpose for getting the pet, time that must be spent on care, money for care, habitat requirements, and longevity of the pet (Humane Society, 1-3). For active individuals or those with extended work hours, finding the time to properly care for and train a puppy would be extremely trying, for instance. Both cats and dogs require a minimum of an annual visit to the vet along with vaccinations and preventive maintenance, all of which take time and money. In planning for the purchase of a dog, availability of an area to play and take care of bodily functions is a necessary consideration – a large breed of dog such as a Labrador Retriever cannot be kept confined in a small apartment without it being considered cruel. Longevity of the chosen pet is also a factor in choosing a pet. some birds can live up to one hundred years old! All of these aspects of pet ownership must be considered before making a decision that will be life-impacting.

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