Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Virtues that pharmacists should possess 2.
Many of the decisions that pharmacists make are life and death ones, and so we require a strong code of ethics from them. Like many other important professions they are respected but they are also held to high standards.
According to Peterson (2004), virtues are core characteristics that are valued by philosophers and religious thinkers which add value to the character possessed by an individual to make them suited to perform in a task, vocation or leadership position. Peterson suggests that although the virtues of wisdom, justice, courage, humanity, temperance and transcendence may be in conflict in the psyche of an individual, these virtues add to the character of a person to make them suited to a position or a vocation. Peterson goes further to state that character strengths are the psychological ingredients that are represented in virtues. For example, wisdom depends on creativity, curiosity, love of learning, open mindedness and having a big picture of life.

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