Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses An interview with a Safety Manager.
fety and Health Policy statement should set forth the purpose and philosophy of the company, delineate the program’s goal and assign responsibility for all company personnel (Reese, 2003).
Once the policy is set, responsibility to implement and supervise the same should be assigned to an individual. This in no way should relieve management from its commitment or the supervisors and employees from their responsibilities to enforce and adhere to the company’s health and safety requirements. Discipline is an integral part of implementing safety measures in a company. Employees should be strictly overseen as complying with these measures and failure of this will result in failure of the entire health and safety effort. Some companies take a further step in their discipline policy resulting in time off without pay for limited days followed by dismissal on the next offense (Reese, 2003). The first line supervisor is effectively the key to good occupational safety and health efforts. The supervisors should be held responsible for their safety performance as well as the performance of their crews.