Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Employment skills for engineers.
I gained self-confidence with the importance of courage to stand in front of people and share my ideas with other people without fear. Through the numerous class projects and presentations that we did before fellow students, I have perfected the skill, and now I feel that I can harness it whenever and wherever. I have learned how to express myself confidently as well as think for myself and how to seek feedback from other people.
My time management skills greatly improved over the course through the assignments that I have managed to complete on time. Most importantly, I have come to appreciate working efficiently under pressure and no supervision in order to achieve my targets. I feel I have gained enough skills and confidence to handle engineering projects in the corporate world and meet all the set goals on time. At first, I thought that I would have to read so much theory. I, however, have been privileged to participate in practical engineering lessons that gave me an opportunity to work in a team without many misunderstandings with my colleagues. Through these experiences, I have developed excellent communication skills that have helped me throughout my 12 months internship. I related well with my teammates throughout these experiences. These have given me an upper hand as I have been able to be chosen as a leader and sometimes as a follower and an active participant in these team practical projects.

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