Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Boris Godunov by Alexander Pushkin.
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A large number f speaking characters is further augmented by crowd scenes. (Briggs 10-11) Though the play is a historical tragedy, Pushkin includes snatches f comedy. In short, Pushkin exhibited in Boris Godunov the romantic sensibility f his day in creating a poetic drama that placed the arresting confusions f history above the theoretic requirements f art. Russian history in the early seventeenth century was somewhat confused, but Pushkin chose to set up several definite determinants. He took as the source for his play Nikolay Karamzin’s History f the Russian State (1816-1829), which maintained that Boris Godunov was culpable in the death in 1591 f Dmitri, the half brother f the ruling czar, Feodor. There is in fact no clear evidence for this, Boris Godunov was first called to be czar after Feodor died in 1598, and initially he seems to have been a popular ruler. When the situation changed, however, people began to remember that Godunov had not been part f any ruling dynasty and that he had achieved power because, as Feodor’s brother-in-law, he was strategically placed at a moment when Russia needed a ruler. This led many to suspect that he may have engineered his own rise to power by evil means.

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