Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses English Literature/critical Analysis of Lord Byrons ‘The Corsair’.
Nature was the ultimate creative element and considered the source of all true inspiration while the supernatural was believed to manifest itself through signs and symbols found in nature. Through this thought process, it was recognized that the viewer often created what they wanted to see in early recognition of the subjectivity of life. This began to be applied not only to supernatural issues, but also to social issues as it started to be recognized that conceptions of groups, such as the entire female gender or specific racial groups, may not be as inherent in the group as they were imposed upon them from external sources. At the same time, it was conjectured that changes in external definition might result in changes in internal behavior. One of the areas in which this type of change was initiated was in the social issues of gender rights. Up to this period in time, women were consistently represented as binary opposites from men, placing them in a negative, ‘lesser than’, misogynistic frame of reference. Poets like Lord Byron, while not immune to the attitudes and beliefs of his time, were more open to the concept that women might be different if they were provided with the opportunity to follow their own inclinations. In his poem “The Corsair”, Byron demonstrates both the misogynistic attitude of his time in the character of Medora as well as the possibility for something different in the figure of Gulnare.