Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Present a substantive review (fully referenced) of the models, tools and techniques related to operational failure, presented through the module material and from the wider discipline of Operations Management.
ures has adverse impact on the product and services offerings as well as productivity of employees as these distract them from activities that require value addition, weakens process discipline and often cause direct harm to employees and consumers (Tucker, 2004). Apart from non-financial impact, operational failure also causes financial loss by way of lowering productivity and organisational reputation (Frei, et al., 1999).
Voluntary incident reporting system is considered as one of the appropriate methods of stimulating problem solving in the situations of operational failure as it highlights actual and potential scope of failure as well as provides supervisors and managers with sufficient information that may prove helpful in improving the organisational work systems (Hogan, et al., 2008. Adler-Milstein, Singer and Toffel, 2009). According to few authors, incident reporting systems insist that organisational focus should be on prevention and mitigation of the operational failures, instead of personal disagreements and blame games when an issue occurs. In principle, the incident reporting system enables an organisation to learn from its past experiences (Burns and Sinfield, 2012).