Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Psychology/ counselling.
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As soon as they entered into the dinning room, they pointed guns towards us while asking us to be quiet. It has been ten years now and I can still remember the shock to which I confronted to as a fourteen-year old kid.
They were four men wearing black masks, which covered their entire faces. Then they closed every window. At that particular time instant, the cook was in the kitchen. After noticing this situation, he tried to make a call, but one of the gunmen rushed towards the kitchen and started beating him while dragging him back to the dining room. The cook was bleeding from his head and we assume he went nearly unconscious. The gunmen then put a black mask to cover his head entirely and tightened him with ropes. There after they started tightening up my mother and brother while not forgetting to put up masks over their heads. At that time, when one of them moved towards me, I tried to escape from the room as I was near to the door. But lady luck was not with me, he eventually caught me and dragged me back by holding hair.