Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Substance Misuse.
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Welsh Assembly Government has employed a 10-year strategy spanning between 2008-2018, which is known as Working Together to Reduce Harm with a goal to work in the framework of a National Agenda to tackle and reduce all harms associated with substance misuse (Eaton et al. 2007).
The key aims of this agenda are individual harm reduction, avoiding stigmatization of substance misuse, creating support services that foster education, prevention, and treatment, improving quality of these services, enhancing availability of these services, and enabling better use of resources through application of evidence-based decision making in order to improve treatment outcomes. Skill development is an important parameter of this strategy since this work can only be accomplished through better use of resources where partners and providers work together. Therefore personnel development of the workforce in the areas of related skills stands ground. The developed workforce then makes connections through different agencies and services as far as relevant services are concerned (Foxcroft et al. 2003).