Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses The Sound of Music.
From the report it is clear that&nbsp.human beings are such critical and fickle minded creatures. As an artform, it takes a lot for a film to succeed in the industry. The term “classic” is awarded to only a number of films and critics may not even always agree on branding a film with such accordance. However, when it comes to classics, perhaps every critic would agree that the 1965 film “The Sound of Music” truly deserves the recognition because it is a fine example of how the right mix of a good story, impeccable acting, breathtaking cinematography, and harmonious sound design could work together to create a film that will be remembered for decades to come.This essay stresses that in “The Sound of Music,” the story can be summed up as “Maria sees life from a whole different perspective when she leaves an Austrian convent to become the governess of Captain Von Trapp’s children.” As one can see, the story is quite simple and direct to the poem. On the other hand, the plot may be a little more verbose.&nbsp.It is 1930’s in Austria and Maria, a lady from the convent who is a bit rough around the edges, has just been assigned as governess of the seven mischievous children of Captain Von Trapp, a Naval officer widower. The naughtiness of the children comes from a desire to get their father’s attention who runs the household in a very strict manner when he is not away. While Maria was initially met with the same hostility that the children awarded to their previous governesses, Maria soon wins them over with her kindness, spunk and musical inclinations.&nbsp.