Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Marketing strategy of Kempinski (NOT a singel hotel but the global brand).
The wine trade business of Kempinski has been quite active from 1862 (Kempinski, 2014a). However, after a short stagnation period, the company again flourished in Berlin. In the year 1872, the hotel chain was extended to Berlin. Then again, during World War II, the hotel at Berlin was completely destroyed. In 1994, Kempinski was taken over by Dusit Sindhorn by acquiring 52 percent stake of the hotel chain. This joint venture between Dusit and Siam Bank came to an end, when Dusit sold off the hotel chain to the latter (Kempinski, 2014a).
This hotel chain is known for its deep-rooted traditions. Being one of the oldest chains of hotels in Europe, Kempinski provides a unique offering of cultural heritage and traditional architecture. As already mentioned, the hotel group has 75 hotels spread across 30 countries (Kempinski, 2014a). Nonetheless, the company is continuously expanding its base by adding new hotels in Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. The offerings include a portfolio of city hotels, historic hotels, residences and resorts. Few of the hotel brands that are famous worldwide are Berlin’s Adlon Kempinski hotel, Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace, Dresden’s Taschenbergpalais Kempinski hotel and Instanbul’s Çiragan Palace. The owners of Kempinski are also associated with establishing a global alliance of hotels that is active worldwide (Kempinski, 2014b).