Create two subnets One subnet will be for the developers.pdf – Adobe Acrobat Pro DCOXFileEdit View WindowHelpHomeToolsCreate two subnets… x1 /1 4 4 – O100% ShareSearch toolsAWSVPCCustom routeDestinationTargetCreate PDF10.0.0.0/1610.0.0.6astic IP: InstanceCombine FilesSubnet ZoneEdit PDFExport PDFAvailability Zone B0 Organize PagesVPC10.0.0.0/16NEWRegionLa Send for ReviewCommentCreate two subnets One subnet will be for the developers (Subnet A), which will be provisioned withLu Fill & Sign10.0.0.0/24.Another subnet for the marketing department (Subnet B), which will be provisioned with Send for SignatureGiven the above CIDR notation address space, how many total virtualEnhance Scansmachines are possible for subnet A and B? Perform the necessary calculations andProtectexplain your answer.More ToolsYour ccurrent plan is CreativeCloudLearn MoreO Type here to search0mes(?g10:24 PM1/26/2019