Discussion 1
” According to Kant, Categorical Imperative first is to act consistently and second to treat others with same respect that others capable of making there own choices.”(Thames, 2018). In the show Bones there is a character named Cam, who gets her identity stolen and tries to fight legally to catch the person who stole all her information and regain her identity. When her co workers find out Cam askes that out of respect for her to let her deal with gaining her information back. Normally everyone would listen and give her the respect but Angela disregard her request and digs deeper to find out who stole her identity. According to Kant this action I believe would be considered immoral. I agree with Kant on Angela’s actions because she went behind Cam’s back to help find the person who stole the identity. Her intentions were good and the outcome was even good in this episode but how she went about finding the person and information to help Cam out wasn’t. Because Cam wanted to be able to go through all the right legal steps to get her identity back with out the help of her team . Since Angela disagreed with Cam she went ahead and tried to find the information. This goes against treating others with respect of making their own choices.