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Dueln Edays I . 2. A 2—wire feeder carries a constantcurrent of250 A throughoutthe year. The portionof capital cost which is proportional to area ofX—section is 41.5 5 per kg of copperconductor. The interest and depreciation total I 0% per annum and the cost of energyis 5P per kWh. Find the most economical area ofX—section of the conductor. Giventhat the density of copper is 8-93gmfcm3 and its specific resistance is I 5’3 XI 0‘3 £33;Determine the most economical cross—section for a 3—phase transmission line, Honlong to supply at a constantuoltage of] I 0 ltV for the following daily load cycle .’ 6 hours 20 W atpf 0-8 laggingI2 hours 5 MW atgf 0-8 lagging6 hours 6 MW atgf 6-8 lagging The line is used for 365 days yearly. The cost per km of line including erection is its(9606 + 6006 a) where ‘a ’ is the area ofX—section of conductor in cm2. The annualrate o f interest and depreciation is 10% and the energy costs 6P per kWh. Theresistance per km of each conductor is 0-] 76fa.